The 7 days course of the brahma kumaris (part 3)

The 7 Days Course Of The Brahma Kumaris (Part 3)

After sharing the wisdom of the soul and God, the 7 days introductory course of the Brahma Kumaris teaches us what is the World Drama and how it is made up of 4 yugas or Ages – the Golden Age or Satyug, the Silver Age or Tretayug, the Copper Age or Dwaparyug and the Iron Age or Kaliyug and we all have different births in it. God reveals that the duration of the World Drama is 5000 years and the duration of each of the 4 yugas or Ages is 1250 years. This World Drama of 5000 years repeats itself again and again, eternally in this physical world on planet Earth. Throughout the 5000 years, human souls come down from the soul world to the physical world at different times, depending on their purity, to play their different roles or births in the physical world. The purer souls come down on Earth earlier. At the end of the 5000 years World Drama each time, God purifies all the souls and they return back to the soul world after purification, and then come down again at their fixed time in the physical world, after a period of rest and silence in the soul world, when the World Drama repeats itself.

The first 2 yugas or Ages of the World Drama, which is the first 2500 years, are full of positivity and purity and there is no sorrow and peacelessness in this time. There is complete good health and long life with no untimely death, very pure and divine physical beauty, abundant wealth, beautiful and blissful relationships and souls are full of all divine qualities and Godly goodness. Children are born through a spiritual union and pure thought power between opposite genders and not through a physical union between opposite genders, which exists today. This kind of spiritual and pure method of giving birth to children is mentioned in our religious books and ancient scriptures, which were written in the Copper Age, after the first 2500 years. These first 2500 years are called Heaven or swarg and those who live in Heaven are called deities or devi devtas, who are worshipped very much in the world even today.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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