24th sep soul sustenance

Keep Your Aura Clean And Clear

Just as we ensure protection and wellness of our physical body, we also need to take care of our energy body or aura that surrounds our being. Our energy of intentions, thoughts, words, attitudes and behaviours create our aura. Our aura is like a lens through which we perceive our world. It’s also like the perfume we wear, radiating to everyone around us. Holding on to our own negativity or absorbing negativity from people and situations, dirties our aura. Releasing them cleanses it. Your aura is white and clean, it shines brightly around you and has a footprint of your divinity. Energies from people and situations shouldn’t harm you and stain your aura. Your energy field is stronger than all other energies. With regular meditation and spiritual study, you can empower your energy field. Your happiness, peace and power are protective shields around it. Keep your aura untouched by lower energies of anger, fear, stress and pain. Rise above them. Do not entangle with other people’s auras. Let what they did in the past or what they are doing today not affect your energy field. It’s a part of them, not a part of you.

When someone gets angry at you, do you protect your energy and stay calm? Or do you react, lower your energy and stain your aura? We are responsible for keeping our aura clean, just as we keep our surroundings clean. In all our interactions, let us be the ones to think and respond with stability. Let us see goodness in others and radiate our goodness. This is the easiest way to protect our aura and experience health, happiness and harmony. The emotional clutter of unwanted thoughts, negative emotions, unpleasant memories, unforgiving attitudes and limiting beliefs stain our aura. We need to release them regularly to cleanse it. Remind yourself everyday – My aura is perfectly white. I clean it and strengthen it every day. I am a powerful being. My clean aura helps me experience ever-lasting peace and happiness.


16th may 2024 soul sustenance telugu

అంగీకారం మరియు అవగాహనతో సహించండి

సహన శక్తి అంటే పరిస్థితులు, వ్యక్తులు మనం అనుకున్నట్లుగా లేనప్పుడు ఆంతరికంగా ప్రభావితం కాకుండా ఉండగల సామర్ధ్యం. ఈ శక్తి దాపరికం లేకుండా ఉండటం, అంగీకరించడం మరియు అంతరికంగా ఏదైనా వివాదాన్ని సరైన అవగాహనతో

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