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Understanding God's Beauty And Experiencing It

We are all God’s beautiful and special children and we are protected by God’s love and power at every moment of our lives. There is not a single day when we don’t experience His help. Have you ever wondered that how beautiful God is, who helps and protects billions of souls in the world at the same time. Let us see 5 ways in which we can understand God’s beauty deeply and experience it –

  1. Create A Thought Time-Table For The Day – Every morning, before you begin the tasks of your personal and professional life, make a timetable of how you will keep God in your thoughts and feelings in the day and follow the timetable. This will keep you connected to God and you will experience His beauty constantly.
  1. Talk To God In Meditation – To explore God’s beauty, experience Him in 7 different relationships – Father, Mother, Teacher, Guru, Friend, Beloved and Child. Talk to Him in these different relationships in meditation and feel His response and goodness which He vibrates.
  1. Become A Beautiful Person Who Radiates Divinity – To experience God’s beauty and His closeness in your heart constantly, it’s important to be full of divine qualities like purity, humility, kindness, truthfulness, forgiveness and selflessness. Where there is goodness inside the soul, there is deeper God’s experience.
  1. Experience God In New Ways Everyday – Everyday experience God in a more new and beautiful way than the previous day. Think of different personality characteristics of God and also His different qualities and powers and discover His personality deeply and absorb His vibrations in new ways everyday.

  2. Share God’s Beauty With Others – To experience the beauty of God more each day, bring others closer to the experience of God’s beauty through your thoughts, vibrations, vision, words and actions. The more you do that, God will give you deep experiences of His love and closeness everyday.


सफलता के लिए एक आदर्श व्यक्तित्व का निर्माण करें (भाग 1)

सफलता के लिए एक आदर्श व्यक्तित्व का निर्माण करें (भाग 1)

अनेक प्रकार की परिस्थितियों से भरा जीवन जीना और अलग-अलग तरीके के लोगों से मिलना; अपने साथ कुछ चैलेंजेस और स्वयं के व्यक्तित्व को बदलने

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విజయం కోసం పరిపూర్ణ వ్యక్తిత్వాన్ని తయారుచేసుకోవడం (పార్ట్ 1)

జీవితంలో వివిధ రకాల పరిస్థితులు ఎదురుకోవడం, వివిధ రకాల వ్యక్తులను కలవడం, మీకు ఎన్నో సవాళ్లను తీసుకొస్తుంది, మీ వ్యక్తిత్వాన్ని మార్చుకోవాల్సిన అవసరం కూడా వస్తుంది. అలాగే, మన వ్యక్తిత్వం  స్థాయిలో మన శక్తులు

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