25th February – Soul Sustenance

Stars Of Success (Part 3)

We are all blessed with different specialties, which we need to always use in giving joy to everyone and taking them closer to goodness. This is because the more specialties people see in us, they will gradually want to become good human beings with divine qualities. Also, the most beautiful way of making a nicer world in which everyone lives in happiness is interacting with everyone and sharing something good that exists inside us with others, at every step. Be a mirror in which people see their positives also and also realize their negatives and change them soon. We see people full of niceness and inner virtue wealth, who are like these. They are like right hands of God who are fulfilling God’s task of creating a world full of peace, love, contentment and joy. Even God loves and respects them a lot because they are the reflection of His goodness and they are representing God down here, while He looks from up above. They overflow with immense love and joy and are constantly inspiring people with their treasures and filling them with the same.

So come lets all come together and shine like stars in the sky and bring light in the world by using our talents, qualities and specialties in every single action of ours. When we shine brightly, others in this world will join our hands and the world will be filled with the light of joy with everyone giving love filled blessings to others and taking the same from others. Such shining stars are amongst us and they will give the world a new direction by performing such beautiful actions of love and harmony. God says – Come, my sweet children, help me with your goodness and you will help the planet become a reservoir of happy and loveful living.