5 signs that we carry a goodness vibration

5 Signs That We Carry A Goodness Vibration

We are all beautiful souls in the world and we have a role in this World Drama of radiating goodness to everyone. A goodness vibration is a positive vibration of niceness, which everyone feels from us, wherever we go and whomever we interact with. What are 5 signs that we carry a goodness vibration –

  1. We will be full of the experience of 3 qualities – peace, love and joy. All 3 qualities will show on our face and in our character constantly. Every thought, word and action of ours will have these 3 qualities. Everyone we meet throughout the day will feel these qualities from us and experience them themselves.
  2. Today, everyone is looking for unconditional goodness from others, which is lacking in the world. When we as God’s children, experience and realize our duty of giving to the world and to every person in the world, everything that God has given us and filled us with, we become angels of goodness, who touch every human soul with our goodness and giving nature.
  3. Everyone in the world is today concerned about their personal future and the future of the world. A bright future is only possible when we are nice and full of goodness. This can only come inside us when we are divine and connected to God’s wisdom. Let us fill our lives and others’ lives with this divinity and wisdom and become God’s messengers of goodness.
  4. When we give up sanskars of anger and ego, we carry a goodness vibration and people come closer to us and connect to our vibrations of spiritual closeness. Relationships become stronger when we give attention to giving up these two vices and our vibrations of goodness radiate to our family members and colleagues at our workplace.
  5. When we carry a goodness vibration, we always attract blessings from everyone and everyone becomes naturally content with us and our every action. We touch everyone’s hearts and make every action very easy and beautiful with our inner lightness, contentment and humility. People love working with us in any sphere of life.

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