The 7 days course of the brahma kumaris (part 4)

The 7 Days Course Of The Brahma Kumaris (Part 4)

The next 2 yugas or Ages of the World Drama, which is the next 2500 years of the World Drama are when, the consciousness of deities or divine human beings, who existed in Heaven, shifted from soul-consciousness to body-consciousness and they started being called humans and not deities or devi devtas. They also started worshipping the one non-physical or incorporeal God, idols of pure deity souls who had existed in Heaven and other divine souls and saints who started coming down on Earth in the Copper Age or Dwaparyug and the Iron Age or Kaliyug to give their divine message to the world and the path of bhakti or devotion begins. This world is called Hell or narak and in this world there is impurity, sorrow and peacelessness and all attainments of Heaven slowly reduce and reach their lowest at the end of the 5000 years, or the end of the Iron Age, which is the present time. In Heaven, there is only one kingdom, one religion and one language and there is complete unity amongst deities. In Hell, there are many different governments, religions and languages and there is a lack of unity and togetherness amongst people.

God is the only one who knows this World Drama clearly and everything else that we learn and hear about the World Drama and its duration and its different yugas or Ages is according to human perception and based on human beings’ personal connection and experience with God and their personal interpretation. This is the reason why all divine souls and pure religious and spiritual souls, who came down from the soul world in the Copper Age and the Iron Age did not give the same wisdom. In fact, all divine souls and spiritual scriptures written in the Copper Age and Iron Age talk about the wisdom of the soul, God and the World Drama differently. God gives His wisdom, which is the truth and the essence of all the teachings that were shared in the Copper Age and Iron Age, at the present moment of time, when we are at the end of the Iron Age. At this present time, peacelessness, sorrow, vices and sins have reached their maximum and the world is extremely overpopulated and is finding it difficult to survive, because of a lack of abundant resources like food, water, clean air and different physical energies, which are required for living for everyone. Also, the world is facing risks because of global warming and climate change and there are also risks of other natural calamities and wars.

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