The 4 subjects of rajyoga and their significance (part 3)

The 4 Subjects Of Rajyoga And Their Significance (Part 3)

  1. Service Of Others In Different Ways – The fourth subject of Rajyoga is service of others through thoughts, words and actions. Once we have understood the wisdom and have learnt and experienced the meditation deeply and also become full of divinity, goodness and angelic qualities, the last step is to start giving and radiating everything that we have learned and imbibed from God to others. We can do this through our thoughts and vibrations, through our words and through different actions that we perform in the day. The spiritual path is about filling in oneself and also sharing with others. Both help us understand spirituality and its significance more and they help us understand God deeper. If we only fill ourselves from God and don’t give, our spiritual understanding and qualities don’t increase as much as when we fill and give both. Also, giving should always be done after filling ourselves deeply with wisdom, qualities and powers. Otherwise, we end up giving others without being full of everything that we are sharing and that depletes us, instead of empowering us as time goes by. Service is a very important subject as it brings about inner awakening and brings us blessings from everyone, making our life path free from obstacles and difficulties.

These 4 subjects which we have explained in this message, make up Rajyoga and all 4 have been taught by God. Many souls all over the world are learning Rajyoga and changing their lives. Rajyoga is taught at all the Brahma Kumaris centres in India and in more than 120 other countries and souls from all over the world are benefitting from it by bringing the 4 subjects in their daily lives. The daily routine of anyone who has connected themselves to the Brahma Kumaris and is practicing Rajyoga begins with practicing meditation in the early morning hours at home, then getting ready and then listening to spiritual wisdom, by going to the nearest Brahma Kumaris centre, after that. After that everyone fulfils their day-to-day duties of taking care of their families, going to their office or workplace, doing other activities of home and also taking care of one’s own body and physical well-being, all in the remembrance of God. A pure lifestyle is followed by everyone with pure eating and drinking habits and sleeping early and waking up early. The aim of the Rajyogi life is to purify the soul and also guide other souls to purify themselves.

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