26th jul soul sustenance

Creating A World Of Forgiveness (Part 1)

God wants us to create a world of forgiveness, a world where each one is uncritical and does not keep a negative eye on others’ mistakes and weaknesses, a world where there is complete peace and harmony between everyone, inspite of their different natures or sanskaras.

Based on spiritual knowledge and understanding, we are sharing with you few different virtues that are different colours of forgiveness and matching actions associated with them, which you could experience.

Generosity – Be Forgetful Of Others’ Mistakes
Openness – Accommodate Others
Thankfulness – Give Blessings And Take Blessings
Warmth – Be Uncritical
Tolerance – Keep An Easy Eye On Others’ Weaknesses
Acceptance – Absorb Others’ Virtues
Giving – Fill Others With Virtues

In order to experience these virtues, which means bringing these different colours of forgiveness into practice, we need the powers of peace, love and truth. These three powers together make up the healing balm of forgiveness, which heal our anger-filled emotions which in turn heal our peaceless words and actions.

                                                                                                                                                      (To be continued tomorrow …)

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  • Thank you very much for such warm messages on everyday.

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आपका मन भी एक बच्चा है

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