27th april soul sustenance english

A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone (Part 2)

God loves the world more than we do. He loves each person in this world more than we can ever do. This is because he is the Ocean of Love and Mercy. When we see imperfections in the world, sometimes we feel sorrow, sometimes hatred and sometimes even anger. Although God knows the negativity in the minds of his billions of children in the world, He also knows the hidden goodness and niceness in people, which we cannot see. This goodness is not only what everyone possesses now but also what they have possessed in their previous births. So, God does not get angry and does not hate anyone and nor does He experience any pain, when He sees anger, ego, jealousy, revenge and hatred in the world.

So, let us think about our perception of the world and let us look upto God and take a positive inspiration from His perception. Let us tell ourselves that we will be good and see the good in the world and its people, which is our eternal family. We will not worry that the world is deteriorating in goodness and we no longer have the support from the world to remain good at all times. There are some people in this world who leave goodness because they feel they cannot survive if they are good and they will be left behind in every sphere of life. And then there are some who remain good, no matter what happens around them. Such people are loved and respected immensely not only by the world, but also by God. Sometimes this love can take time to come from the world, but remember if you enjoy God’s love and you find a place in his book of good people, people will love you sooner or later. So be good and do good always, be a goodness filled personality, well liked and loved by the world and respected by God.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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