5 steps for connecting children with god

5 Steps For Connecting Children With God

  1. Introduce Children To The Wisdom Of The Soul And God – Children have an impressionable mind. Whatever you teach them they absorb easily. So its very important to teach them from an early age, about the existence of the soul and the Supreme Soul and their form, qualities, spiritual home and what they do in the World Drama. This will make them spiritually intelligent.
  2. Teach Children How To Create A Place For God In Their Life – In the present world and environment, it is very easy for children to get influenced negatively and either not give importance to God or think He is just an imagination, which are common beliefs. So they need to be trained to remember God in the morning and before sleeping and also keep God with them in every action in the day.
  3. Show Children The Path To Life Success By Holding God’s Hand – Children have many goals related to studies, exams, relationships, personality, health, sports and hobbies. By holding God’s hand, these goals can be reached easily. So children should be motivated to learn meditation and use their inner powers for success in every sphere of life.
  4. Create A Collective Positive Consciousness At Home – A good spiritual practice is collective reading or listening of spiritual wisdom by the entire family every morning for atleast 15 minutes. Children should be taught to remember the spiritual wisdom the entire day and follow it.
  5. Teach Children To Keep A Diary And Donate Their Weaknesses – Parents should teach their children to tell God about their life and write about their specialties and weaknesses in a diary. Also, they should be trained to donate whatever weaknesses they have to God and create new qualities. This will make them emotionally wise and bring them closer to God.

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