27th March – Soul Sustenance

Unconditional Love – A Blessing From God

Why do we feel that we all strive to love others without limits, and yet in situations of rage, rejection or obliviousness, we find it impossible to respond with love and care? While the thought could be to overcome this limitation with conscious effort, the negative emotions that come along with it are too overwhelming at times. A deeper dive into the vibrations of love, where love in itself becomes a living reality, can make us feel unconditional love for other souls. Such a love has to be offered to the self first, before it can be experienced by others. This unconditional love resides in each of us, but to enable it to be felt and conveyed to others requires an awakening of the soul first. It cannot be created on its own and has to be received as a blessing from the Supreme Soul. In this way, the soul becomes connected with God, and can then love others with what it has experienced within itself. This can help us in healing ourselves in relation to past situations with some people, which caused hurt or difficulty.

It is important to understand that the soul needs to spiritually unfold itself. While it can happen on its own with time; energy exchanges with similar souls who share God’s love can also build a powerful synergy, to enable this transition. In order to receive love, we must share it too. Love cannot be held for the benefit of the self. That’s incompatible with its very essence. There is this primitive urge, a strength that comes from true unconditional love. It gives us wings to fly and it makes us feel good about ourselves and feeds the mind and body and gives us the courage to overcome any adversities in our life. Meditation and practicing virtues on a daily basis can help open our hearts to a deeper kind of love, like the gentle drops of rain, that pour equally on all, nurturing each element of earth equally.

Pic Courtesy : StockSnap from Pixabay

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