28th February – Soul Sustenance

Before Meeting Someone, Create One Thought – That They Are A Pure Being – 

Each time before we come into interaction with someone, we mentally create an image of how that meeting would go. If we are about to meet a stranger, we create curiosity and anxiety. And if it is someone we already know, we perceive them through our past experiences. Our vibrations, words and behaviour during the interaction will be based on how we think about them.

When you interact with someone who you know, do you perceive that person based on past impressions about them? And if that past impression, which could be days or years old is negative, do you fear meeting them again now? Or do you meet people each time with a fresh, open mind? In our interactions, people may not speak or behave the way we expect. They are not in our control, but what we record on our mind about them is always our choice. Holding a clean perspective about people will radiate pure vibrations in the next meeting and will create a pleasant interaction. Every time we meet someone, we should meet them with a clean mind and with a thought – I am a pure being, meeting another pure being.  This thought deletes any unpleasant experience of the past. Otherwise the bitterness becomes a flavor of our next meeting. Don’t allow past experiences to become a part of your present and influence future interactions. Meet people with a clean mind and bless your meeting. Remind yourself – If I had an unpleasant interaction with someone, I clean my mind of the past experience before meeting them again.

Cleaning your mind and creating a highest frequency thought for people helps you radiate authentic respect to them, before and during your interaction. Remind yourself – I meet people only after perceiving them to be pure, beautiful beings. This makes us comfortable in each other’s company. It also energizes us and our interactions.