The ego sacrifice (part 3)

The Ego Sacrifice (Part 3)

Remember that in every relationship the person who keeps the other ahead is the one who leads the relationship although it may seem otherwise. Keeping the other ahead means saying yes to the other person even if at times you do not agree with the other person’s opinion in a particular matter of common interest. Very often in offices and in homes; you will see at some places, people are so closely knit together. At some other ones, there are negative energy exchanges as well as negative word exchanges due to different ways of how people manage their relationships. At one place, two office colleagues have such a beautiful bond with each other where a day at the office goes very smoothly and they will never quarrel with each other. On the other hand, in another office, two different people just cannot work with each other and cannot see eye to eye. The main reason for this is simple – I am smarter than you or I am more efficient or I work harder than you or I am more intelligent etc. Such thoughts spoil the relationship and don’t let it become a beautiful bond full of love and closeness.

It is commonly said – forget the differences and become friends. But an important point to note that differences between any two people will always exist. There are no two people with exactly the same view points and ideas. But these differences have to be forgotten. In other words they have to be resolved. That is the key to success. Success in an office is not measured only by your talents and how well you perform alone but also by how well you handle your relationships or how sweet and humble you are. Such people are respected immensely in a workplace. People want to be in their company much more than the ones who are egoistic and extremely rigid in their views and are unable to bow down or sacrifice the ego when required. Remember life is short. So why not enjoy each day with your parent, your spouse, your office colleague, your mother-in-law, whoever it may be. They all matter to you and you matter to them. So enjoy their blessings by making the ego sacrifice.

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