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Being A Jewel Of Contentment (Part 2)

Whenever a difficult situation is trying to influence you or in other words, you feel that you are somewhat disturbed because of a negative event, look for positivity within to support yourself mentally. Also, look for signs of goodness outside in everything and everyone, which will keep you calm and powerful. Very often, we let negativity influence our minds and this is the main reason of the reduction in our contentment levels. Sometimes the weakness of another person or a negativity of a certain situation can make us peaceless and also cause our perception and attitude to become negative. So, the more I learn to keep my mind positive by either absorbing positive information or by connecting it with a positive spiritual source, the more I am able to face situations in a detached way and watch it like a spectator.

Contentment is a very important quality and is like the mother of all qualities. Where there is contentment, all other qualities are present. Take the e.g. of the quality of patience. The one who is content, is able to wait for situations or events to unfold and not be impatient. Also take the e.g. of tolerance. Tolerance will naturally be a part of your nature if you are a contented person because the more full and complete you are, the more you will not react to people and situations, if they are not as per your desires and expectations. Also, take another e.g. of humility. The more contented I am, the more I am free from ego, because I am seated on the throne of self-respect, stably and with strength. Self-respect makes me free of any inferiority and superiority complexes.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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