28th oct soul sustenance

The I Inside (Part 3)

If we continue to become attached to our specialties, our personality or our role for the most part of our life, then over a period of time we forget the real self which is waiting to be recognized. Every time I think I am one of the above, I become more and more disconnected with my real self which is going to give me a more permanent self-esteem and as a result a permanent happiness. The personality skills, the sparkling education success and the way I dress up, these are all temporary. This is because don’t forget life is a roller coaster where success can easily leave me within a short period of time. So, enjoy all of them because even they are attainments and enjoying attainments is not being materialistic or non-spiritual. But don’t become dependent on them for your happiness. On the other hand, the source of all the specialties and personality – the real I is a sum total of the basic qualities of the soul – peace, love and joy. All that is good inside which is eternal and also the relationship of the I or myself with a higher source – God which is also imperishable (un-destroyable) is what I need to be dependent on because it will never leave me.

Don’t forget, in our earliest births, we were extremely skilled, very beautiful and very rich, so much so that everything good that a human being can have physically was with us. Yet we were completely detached from all these attainments, enjoying all of them. That too at a time when these attainments were imperishable, because that was the original world, a world of happiness. But, now all these attainments in our life are no longer permanent and can very easily go away from us in a split second because we live in a world which is unpredictable and with many ups and downs. No skill or role has with it the assurance of being permanent. On the other hand, it is the time when the imperishable I is the one which stands by us permanently. So, it is this I the hand of which we need to hold tight permanently and also connect the I with a permanent source – the Supreme Soul. As a result enjoy every moment of life with complete security, surety and safety.


Becoming free from the desire for praise (part 2)

Becoming Free From The Desire For Praise (Part 2)

As actors in the world drama, we can’t always please everyone. Understanding karma helps us act for our happiness, not others’ praise. Serving selflessly, like God, without expecting recognition, brings contentment and inner freedom from the desire for praise.

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23rd july 2024 soul sustenance telugu

ప్రశంసల కోరిక నుండి విముక్తి పొందడం (పార్ట్ 2)

మన రోజువారీ జీవితంలో, మనలో కొందరు అనుభవం చేసుకునే  చాలా సాధారణ భావన ఏమిటంటే మనం చేసిన పనికి ప్రశంసలు పొందాలనే కోరిక. మీ కోసం, మీ కుటుంబం మరియు స్నేహితుల కోసం అలాగే

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