29th april soul sustenance english

Attention To Every Karma

Our every thought, word and action are the energy we send out to the world, which is our karma. Situations and people’s behaviors are the energy on the return, which is our destiny. Every karma gets recorded on the soul, and brings consequence either in this life or in future lives. With inner power we learn to create right karmas, and face consequences of past karmas with stability. Do you take credit for situations when life is smooth? Do you blame God or other people when it hits a rough patch? Do you believe you create your destiny, or that it was pre-destined? We are the creators of our destiny. Every karma has a consequence which can come to us today, in a few days, few years or few births. What we do today in response to what is happening to us is our present karma, and is completely our choice. Let us create the right thought, words and behaviors now as present karma, regardless of the situation. The right present karma settles past karmic accounts, creates a pleasant experience today and a beautiful destiny for our future. Let’s not focus on what people and situation do to us, let us focus on keeping our karmas right.

You are on the journey of your life, living your life your way and according to your values and principles. Whether it is simple eating, drinking, dressing or living habits or sanskars, choose only what is right for your karmic account, only what increases your inner power, what spreads happiness. Your every thought, word and behaviour should be pure and powerful, irrespective of situations. Emerge your original qualities of peace and happiness. Use them in every karma. Have beautiful karmic relationships with people, with nature, with objects, with everything which is there for you. All your happiness, health, harmony and success today is because of your beautiful past karmas. And a few challenges are consequences of your not-so-right past karmas. Accept them without questions, face them knowing that your power lies in the now. Choose a pure present karma to settle the past and secure a happy future. Be grateful to everyone who is right to you, even to anyone who has not been right to you, for giving you the opportunity to increase your inner power and settle your past karma. At every moment have all your karmic accounts settled.

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