You can change any habit

You Can Change Any Habit

Have you said to someone or has someone told you – You have made a particular habit since childhood, you will never change. Do you believe it is difficult or impossible to change a habit especially if it is a strong and old one? First we need to change our habit of saying I cannot change habits. Absolutely any unhealthy or uncomfortable habit can be changed. Let’s not say I have such an old habit of coming late… habit of gossiping… habit of being irritable… habit of skipping breakfast…So I cannot change. Anything we repeatedly do becomes our habit. Now by avoiding or changing a few times, the old habit gets finished. We need to constantly work on it even if we failed earlier. If we give up, it becomes stronger and our will power becomes weaker. Let’s confront our uncomfortable habits and ask ourselves – Why should I change this habit? How to change? Do I want to change? Once our want to change is strong, changing becomes simple.

Is there anyone we know who has never changed a habit? Pretty sure there can be no-one. Each of us have created certain habits and changed them for some reason. The wrong belief that we cannot change habits makes negative habits stronger and blocks our transformation. Sit back and check how you control your habits, and your habits no longer control you. As you check repeatedly and create thoughts of what you want your reality to be, your will power increases. You let go of uncomfortable habits, dependencies and addictions. You will easily be able to choose what stays on your mind. There will be no habit that you cannot change. Not just small habits like drinking too much tea or coffee or watching TV while eating, you can get over deeper addictions. You will eventually become who you wish to be.

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