Soul sustenence eng 29th mar 23

Being A Jewel Of Contentment (Part 3)

Contentment comes with increasing your inner treasures and attainments. Whenever you have a negative situation in your life, the positivity inside your mind, which will bring contentment, comes by thinking about your attainments at that time and thinking about your treasures. Suppose you have a very difficult situation in your life, which is making your mind negative. At that time, think about the treasures of inner powers that you possess and emerge them in your mind, think about the good situations in your life, think about your relationship with God. Also, think about your relationships with people close to you and what positive experiences of love and happiness that you have with them and good wishes that you receive from them. Think about spiritual wisdom that you carry inside your intellect, which is the key to solutions to all problems. Think about how if you are truthful and are filled with goodness, no negative scene can remain forever. Also, give your time to serving others in different ways. These are some of the ways of experiencing contentment, instead of getting depressed and feeling empty.

Also, looking at the future with a positive perception is one of the most important keys to a stable and content mind. To be disheartened and give up hope will lead you to sorrow and discontentment. Always remember that the more positive you are about everything in your life, the more sooner all the negative scenes of your life will turn positive. Also, the more negative you are about life, the more the negative scenes will become bigger and become a source of sorrow for you, because that’s how you perceive them. So, always think light, think good, think positive and be positive in every situation and be a jewel of contentment, who radiates happiness to everyone around, no matter what your life may bring in front of you.

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