Creating a good work-life balance

Creating A Good Work-Life Balance

There is no denying, that our work is an important part of our life. But sometimes we allow work to dominate over everything else. We need to strike a healthy balance by prioritizing all aspects of life. When we complain I have no time to balance my work and life, we use time as an excuse to not pay attention to one of the three – the self or family or work.


  1. Check your priorities – It could be Work, Family, and then Self, if there is time left. The Self is the seed, Family is the trunk, and your Work and everything else you do, is the tree. Your priority cannot be the tree, trunk and the seed. It should be – seed, trunk and then the rest of the tree. Change your priority to be: Self, Family and Work.


  1. Distribute your time well. Keep aside for yourself, an hour of Me-time every morning to meditate and exercise. Also, fix 6-7 hours for sleep. Follow set mealtimes and eat mindfully. Spend 3 to 4 hours of the day with family.


  1. Once you schedule time to nourish your mind, strengthen your body and have beautiful relationships, you are energized to put in more than 100% percent at work. Your intuition, decision-making, cooperation and productivity increase. You will achieve more in less time. Getting your life in balance and in harmony begins from caring for yourself.

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