29th may soul sustenance

29th May – Soul Sustenance


Let’s Co-operate, Not Compete

True co-operation means extending unconditional support to everyone in every situation, with a feeling of belongingness and an intention of empowerment. It strengthens our original qualities of humility, love, compassion and empathy, thereby helping us overcome negative sanskars of ego, jealousy, resentment and competition. Co-operation often does not need us to do anything, we just need to be our self – calm and stable. Our vibrations give co-operation and support to ease people around us and make those moments a beautiful experience for them. Our vibrations help them to emerge their divinity in response to situations.

Co-operation is an antidote to Competition. Many of us have lived with the belief that life is a competition. We created stress, anger, jealousy, hatred and at time had to compromise on our ethics to get ahead of people. Let us internalize and finalize today – we are not in competition with anyone. Each one receives a result of their past and present karmas. Each one is getting what is fair for them. We can enhance our achievements only in reference to our self not in reference to others. When we co-operate or help someone we experience enormous satisfaction and contentment, increasing soul power. We also earn blessings from the person who received our co-operation. If we reject people because our sanskars or opinions differ, our energy of love, sharing and caring gets blocked. Whenever we co-operate let us check our intention behind the act – whether we expect to get something in return. If so, the energy of cooperation gets adulterated with the energy of greed. Also, we need to check for ego or a feeling of being superior to the person who receives our co-operation. Ego dilutes the energy. By accepting and adjusting with different sanskars, by sharing and caring, we are radiating pure vibrations into the world. Our vibrations are influencing the collective consciousness of the world. When we change, the world changes.



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