Soul sustenence eng 2nd apr 23

The Supreme Star Shines Above Us (Part 2)

Looking at the world around you, create a pure and positive thought in your mind that the world is my family. Carry a duty inside your consciousness that you have to serve the world. All human beings are linked to each other by a common bond of brotherhood. And just like we want good things for ourselves, give a few moments to share the invisible treasures that you carry inside your mind and heart with others. Perform this simple exercise throughout the day. Whenever someone comes in front of you, use your inner ear or the third ear as you may call it or the ear of the mind to hear the other’s inner voice or desire of some quality or power. If someone meets you on the street, and you judge that this person is lacking happiness, then emerge that quality in your heart. Give that quality to the person through your smile and pleasant behavior and your inner joyful state of mind. If you go to your office and you meet a colleague who is disturbed and in a peaceless state of mind, then share the quality of peace and calmness with such a person through your eyes and gentle words. In the same manner, if someone in your home is lacking the power to tolerate negative situations, provide support to that person through your inner stable state of mind and powerful energy. This is called being a constant giver or one who fulfills everyone’s wishes.

Of course, all these qualities and powers come inside you immensely, when you keep God as your constant companion. God is the Guiding Star under whose canopy we all live and all that we wish for ourselves and for others, will come to us and them by being connected with God on a mental level. This is because the more we love God, the more full with qualities and powers we will become and also we will fill others with the same. And the more everyone becomes fuller inside, their health, wealth, relationships and roles will improve.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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