Awakening the positivity within (part 3)

Awakening The Positivity Within
(Part 3)

In yesterday’s message, we have already shared examples of situations which are self-created. These situations are created by my own mind, sometimes triggered by an external situation and sometimes there is no external event responsible for the situation. Then there are other situations of the physical body, relationship based situations and situations related to my workplace and home. All these situations are partly external and partly internal i.e. there is an external event present which is a reality and cannot be overlooked. This is true except in many cases when the situation is perceived as a situation but that is just a perception of a person with a negative perception, but in reality the situation does not exist. In all other cases, the situation is present and that is a fact accepted by even a person with a positive perception. Depending on how we perceive the situation, how we react to it and what thoughts we create on seeing it, the situation becomes big or small in our own mind first. But there is another aspect – sometimes some life situations are threatening in nature and can disturb the most powerful of souls. Of course, the intensity of the fear varies from person to person depending on the perception. A calm mind with a powerful intellect can face all these situations. Also, techniques like meditation which are taught by the Brahma Kumaris will help you in doing that.

Meditation is a process of thought training – just like a cricketer will practice very carefully how he will play each ball that he faces to achieve the desired result of a run or runs scored. In the same way, I learn how to give each thought of mine value and create only positive thoughts in the few minutes of meditation, when I practice the meditation. These positive thoughts are based on spiritual knowledge and are thoughts about the spiritual self and God – the Supreme Being. These positive thoughts are created very slowly, step by step and carefully. This meditation practice of about a few minutes everyday is our training for actual negative situations. Then, due to this practice, when there are negative situations in our life, we remain calm and create only positive thoughts and keep the negative thoughts away which cause disturbances in our mind and in our life.

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