30th April – Soul Sustenance

Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 5)

To conclude, we all know that every individual is inherently good. A little shade of the incorrect or improper personality exists inside each one, however light the shade is. We also know that this shade was not there originally in the soul but is an acquired one. And also the person with the negative shade, in most cases, does become aware of it, in times of silence and self-reflection and is also making an effort to remove it so that no discomfort or sorrow is caused to anyone because of it. Along with the negative shades, every person possesses many positive personality traits which are their strengths. Now when we are having an exchange of negative energies with such a person, what does a spiritually sensible person do? Be aware of those light shades of negativity of the other person, which are coming into action at that time. But also at the same time, he or she focuses on so many positive colours of the personality of the other, colours that he or she may have seen or heard about from others many times in the past. Also, an accompanied realization that even I have my share of negative shades which I am working on removing, makes this vision easy to practice.

Practiced consistently, this kind of positive vision accompanied by a deep hearted appreciation of the positive personality colours of the other person is mercy in action. This mercy is a shade of pure soul-to-soul love. Such appreciation makes it easier for others to reflect on and see what they need to do to change. But the first impact of this appreciation is on me, in keeping me free of negative and waste thoughts internally. So appreciating the other’s strengths in my mind and emerging them in my consciousness at such a time is very important as this not only keeps my perception, which is susceptible to being influenced by the negative at that time, clean, but also reaches the other person on an energy level. Also he or she is inspired and empowered to bring those strengths into action, as a result playing his or her part to end the negative energy exchange. This is spirituality at its most magical. I’ll not only have removed a source of pain, which is the negative shade of the other’s personality in this case, which is coming into action; I’ll have grown spiritually as well.