Honor every commitment

Honor Every Commitment

We all want to consistently deliver on our commitments and meet our deadlines. When we make a commitment, we are giving a word. It means we send a message to our body and mind, and also a message to the world around us about our intentions. And by doing what we said we will do, we not only win the trust of other people, but we also become respectable in our own eyes. Honoring our commitments positively influences our character, confidence, integrity and self-image. Most times we find a way to fulfil our commitments. But sometimes we just don’t do what we promised to do. We either under-perform or over-commit. Except the obviously unavoidable scenarios, we need to practice honoring every commitment.

Follow these steps to deliver on commitments and strengthen your integrity:

  1. You are not in competition. Commit carefully. Your commitments should align with your priorities, speed, capacity, resources and values.
  2. Don’t just try, wish or hope. Decide and be determined to succeed.
  3. Every morning, create affirmations of how to be and what to do, to move closer to success. Visualise yourself having achieved the goal. They are like signals to your mind and body, to co-operate.
  4. Do not dilute your commitment with even a single thought of doubt or fear. Believe in yourself.

These practices help you take commitments seriously. Repeat this affirmation a few times to take your commitments seriously and deliver –

I am a wise being … I am sincere and disciplined … I have duties to fulfill … I pause to check if I can do them … I evaluate my time lines … I check my capacity … I see if it aligns with my principles … if I am certain I can do it … I commit to do so … I will do it … I achieve what I choose to do … circumstances may not be favourable … I am determined… I fulfill my commitments always.

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