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The Negative Habit Of Writing Other People's Script

We are all actors in this drama of life, playing several roles. Every scene demands us to write and enact our own script. But, often we don’t spend time with our scripts. Instead we are busy mentally writing out other people’s script – of what they should say, how they should behave, when they need to respond… We get entangled in their roles and forget ours. People write their own scripts, they cannot enact as per our expectations.

  1. Do you find yourself frequently evaluating other people, mentally writing out a script of how they should be and what they should do? Have you felt the futility of the exercise when they didn’t follow your script? Has that habit affected your own growth and development, since your time and energy gets depleted by focusing on others?
  2. We are all actors in this world drama, playing several roles in our life. We are the actor, director and also the script-writer in each scene. But while playing our role with fellow-actors, we start focusing on their performance, write their script mentally and expect them to follow it. But other people cannot follow our script.
  3. Our focus needs to be on our performance. Whatever may be the role, our personality of peace, love, wisdom, should reflect in every role. Even if other actors don’t perform right, our performance can show them the path to correct themselves.
  4. Be aware of perfecting your own script and not other’s script. Cross every scene well, by being at ease, relaxed and empowering your co-actors. Remind yourself – I bring out my personality of peace and compassion in every role, uninfluenced by the performances of my co-actors.

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