31st oct soul sustenance

Dealing With Peer Pressure

In our efforts to get acceptance and respect in our social groups, fitting in can become a priority. We feel a desperate need to do what everyone else is doing. Peer pressure can drive us towards things we are not prepared for, leaving us anxious and struggling. No matter how famous it makes us, let us not succumb to it. Remind yourself daily – I am an independent being. I am free from peer pressure. I choose how to live my life beautifully. I set healthy boundaries in relationships and live by my choices. I remain unaffected by peer pressure. This will help you boost your self-esteem, honor your choices and establish clear social boundaries. You will overcome the urge to follow people around you.

Have you been under different kinds of pressures from people, to do something you were not comfortable with? Had you yielded to their influence at some point, out of fear, helplessness or to feel accepted? How much has peer pressure affected you? Our family and friends have different perspectives and choices. They do certain things which we are not comfortable doing. No matter how tempting it is to follow them, saying no to peer pressure is our choice. This life is our journey, to be lived as per our choices. If we are always concerned about what people think about us, our self-esteem drops drastically. Let’s not comply with peer groups by compromising on our capacity, values or principles. We have the ability to decide for ourselves. Let us respect ourselves and not depend on others to feel accepted. Listen to your inner voice, respond based on your physical strength, emotional stamina, values, affordability, commitments and capacity. Choose your habits and lifestyle and do only what is healthy and soul strengthening. Your family and friends will support you. Even someone does not approve of your choices or opinions, accept your differences with them and radiate respect to them.


23rd may 2024 soul sustenance telugu

మీకు భగవంతునితో బలమైన సన్నిహిత సంబంధం ఉందా?

భగవంతుడు శాంతి, ప్రేమ మరియు ఆనంద సాగరులు. ఈ అసలైన సుగుణాలు కలిగి ఉన్న ఆత్మలమైన మనం వారి పిల్లలం. మనం భగవంతునితో మంచి సంబంధాన్ని కలిగి ఉన్నప్పుడు, వారి నుండి ఈ సుగుణాలతో

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