Soul sustenence eng 3rd apr 23

The Supreme Star Shines Above Us (Part 3)

We are looking for something good and positive in our lives at every step. Have you ever looked at the world around you and seen everyone carefully? Everyone is living a life with a purpose. Some carry a purpose like earning wealth, having a good family or possessing a good degree and job. These are all short term purposes. They give happiness to people. But, they will not make you happy forever. The rush and the hurry, the running behind these purposes can at a later stage come back to you and tell you that you were running behind these things but forgot the higher purpose of life. Did you ever think what is the first real purpose of my life? To be a source of peace, love and happiness, based on my internal fulfillment. The job will come and go and the money will sometimes increase and sometimes decrease. The family members gave me happiness earlier, but they don’t anymore as I struggle in my relationships with them. The degree gave me a good beginning to my career, but somewhere in the middle of my career, I felt something was lacking. I excelled in my friendships, but today everyone has their own life and don’t always have time to listen to me or they don’t understand me. I feel lonely. I was a sparkling success story, but my health deteriorated on the way. So, what does all this signify? Wrong life purposes!

So, what is my real purpose, beyond all these physical things, which are temporary and changeable and don’t give me permanent happiness? To be … To be peace, love, happiness and power, which I experience from within and not from friends, careers, sports, education and family. Then, what is the next step? To fulfill … Fulfill everyone’s wish for peace, love, happiness and power, but not through physical means, but by fulfilling them internally, which is permanent. And who will help me do that? My Father … the Father of me, the soul … The Father of all of us … He is the Supreme Star that shines above us and is always guiding us to this purpose through his love and support.

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