Situation proofing yourself (part 3)

Situation Proofing Yourself (Part 3)

Situation-proofing can be defined as: Keeping your consciousness free from the questions marks and the exclamation marks mentioned in yesterday’s message, over a long period of time. This is a powerful consciousness with little room for the negative or waste thought patterns. Such a positive consciousness carrying person then has a positive attitude. A positive attitude then influences our perception of problems and makes it positive. This finally leads to positive or correct words and actions which are required to solve the problem in front of us.

Thus, in short, our thoughts are the foundation of our perception. Negative perceptions stand on the foundation of thoughts of negativity which are filled with questions and exclamations created sometimes over a complete birth. Positive perceptions stand on the foundation of thoughts of positivity created over a long period of time. It’s not just about that particular moment of time or creating positive thoughts at the time, when you have a difficult situation in your life. It’s a practice of many years of creating positive thoughts or atleast a few months that make the mind extremely powerful. Its also going through many different negative situations and achieving victory many times in keeping the mind positive in all those situations, that empower the mind. This transforms and keeps our perception positive in circumstances that we are going to face in the future. Thoughts of positivity are like clean water poured in the bucket of the mind which is used to creating thoughts of negativity, which are like unclean water in the bucket. A large volume of clean water or thoughts of positivity is required to be poured into the bucket so that the unclean water is completely replaced by the clean water of positive thoughts. So, pour positive and beautiful thoughts into your mind everyday for a few minutes through spiritual wisdom and also empower yourself with meditation. And slowly over a period of time the question marks and exclamation marks in situations which confuse you and reduce your positive perception, will be removed. As a result you will become situation-proofed.

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