Overcoming worry about what others think of you (part 1)

Overcoming Worry About What Others Think Of You (Part 1)

We all very commonly in our day-to-day lives come across different people in our family, our workplace and in our social interactions and they all hold different perceptions and opinions about us. Some of these thoughts that they carry in their minds are good about us and some can be negative and not very comforting for us to hear and know. How do we overcome this fear and worry of what others think of us? Let’s understand in this message –

  1. Tell Yourself Everyday That You Are A Special Soul And A Beautiful Child Of God – Every morning as soon as you wake up, begin the morning with some nice and elevated thoughts about yourself. Praise yourself subtly and also think about your specialties and attainments in life. The more you do this, the more you will become detached from everyone and what they think of you. You will respect everyone but at the same time, you will understand and respect yourself and not be worried about what others think of you, especially if they are thinking wrong. At the same time, if they think something about you which is right, like about your weaknesses or some actions of yours, which you think needs improvement, you will give their opinion importance and bring those changes in yourself.
  2. Take Short Time Breaks In The Day To Go Inwards And Reflect – A very common aspect of human lives nowadays is looking outwards and connecting with people the entire day. Most people are not taking out time to connect to the inner self and God, which is making them weak emotionally and that is why people get influenced by what others are talking about them and discussing about them. God tells us to connect with Him and remember Him nicely with love. The more we do that, the more others start liking us for everything we do and everyone offers their love, respect, support and co-operation to us because God is the seed of this entire tree of the world family. The more we love and respect God, that vibration radiates to the entire tree and every leaf of the tree or in other words every human soul offers the same to us at every step and thinks positively and nicely for us and if they sometimes think negatively for us, we transform their thinking with our positive vibrations.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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