5 ways to become fearless

5 Ways To Become Fearless

  1. Remain In A Powerful Consciousness Of Self Respect – The first and most important way by which we can overcome all our fears is to deeply realize our own spiritual importance and also feel our own specialties that we have in terms of wisdom, qualities, skills and any other personality traits. Also, inculcate a habit of seeing different situations of life as a detached observer and feel that we can overcome them easily with the inner power of our different attainments.
  2. Remember God And Experience His Help And Power – In any situation, when we feel ourselves to be alone we fear the situation and think that we cannot resolve it on our own. In such situations, visualize and experience God close to you and take His Supreme help and absorb His Supreme power. Also, let God guide the situation and you leave the responsibility to Him and let Him do the best. This will make you constantly fearless.
  3. Face The Situation With Lightness And Don’t Weaken Under Its Pressure – When you fear any particular situation, it starts dominating you and your thoughts, words and actions become weak. Remember the two points of spiritual power in such situations in your mind again and again – I Am A Master World Almighty Authority, child of God – the World Almighty Authority and I Am A Destroyer Of Obstacles. These thoughts act positively on the situations and make them positive and beneficial for you.
  4. Reflect And Go Within And Visualize Your Victory – Fearlessness comes when we visualize in advance that the situation has already been overcome, with no doubt in our minds about that. The more we practice this in any situation, the more we become used to overcoming difficult situations easily and we become brave and resilient, without any worries.
  5. Tell Yourself That Fear Is Not Good For You – Always keep reminding yourself that fear is a negative energy and it is harmful for your own mind and its well-being, your physical health, your relationships and the success of whatever actions you perform. The more you realize that fear is the wrong path to take, and it will only worsen the situation more, the more you do not allow it to touch your consciousness.

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