5 new year promises to make to yourself

January 1, 2023

5 New Year Promises To Make To Yourself


Do you experience sudden changes in your mood from one end of emotional spectrum to another, with the slightest triggers throughout the day? We cannot always control situations but we can always control our mood, to not get affected by every unexpected turn of events.

Take this moment to see how you master your mood to keep it happy and peaceful.

Affirmation – 

I am a happy being. I am the creator of every mood. I take care of my mind and body… with exercises, meditation, spiritual study, diet, relaxation and sleep. My mind and body are stress-free. Irrespective of situations and people’s behaviour … at every step I pause and check how I feel…I check my mood… if there is even a slight discomfort, I internally detach from the energy of the scene…. I don’t let the scene touch my mood and trigger negativity. I silence my mind and listen to my inner voice. I decide on a response which is right for my present and future. I return to the scene with stability and respond…I keep my peaceful and happy mood intact. My mood remains the same in every circumstance… if people are not fair to me … in the face of an illness… if there is a crisis in the family… if there is an issue at the workplace. Whatever may be the situation today, I am peaceful. No one lives on my mind and I do not get affected by anything. I continuously release any pain and discomfort I am holding on to. I let go of uncomfortable habits. My stability lets me think clearly and solve any problem. I am a master of my mood.

Repeat this affirmation a few times to ensure your inner world is not affected by events in your outer world. Your consistently stable, good mood will improve your happiness, health and harmony.

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