5 tips for making sleep peaceful and blissful

June 23, 2024

5 Tips For Making Sleep Peaceful And Blissful

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of human wellness and influences our physical, spiritual and emotional health immensely. Let’s look at 5 tips for making sleep peaceful and blissful –

  1. Meditate For A Few Minutes Before Sleeping – The entire day, the soul performs actions through the body and the mind constantly creates thoughts. So it’s good to experience soul consciousness and connect with God – the Supreme Soul for about 15 minutes before sleeping. This makes the mind silent and the intellect pure, which is the perfect preparation for a good night’s sleep.
  2. Reduce Mobile Phone Use And TV Viewing Before Sleeping – For about 45 minutes to one hour before sleeping, keep your mobile phone away as much as possible from your eyes and avoid viewing anything on the television. This will relax the mind and the brain immensely and it will be easy to sleep easily and as soon as you lie down in your bed.
  3. Thank God For The Day And Clear All Burdens Before Sleeping – Tell God about the entire day that has passed, thank Him and if something negative has happened in the day, clear that burden before sleeping. Don’t take the burden into your bed. If you sleep with a heavy consciousness, you may take time to sleep and even if you sleep soon, you may get up in the middle of the night with many thoughts running in your mind.
  4. Visualize A Circle Of Positive Energy Around Your Bed And Experience An Affirmation Before Sleeping – Visualize a golden circle of peace, purity and power around your bed for a few seconds before sleeping and experience an affirmation that – I am a peaceful and blissful soul. I am protected and I sleep easily. This will make your aura positive and will protect you from negative and impure energies of the world which might disturb your sleep.
  5. Avoid Talking Too Much And Unnecessary Conversations Before Sleeping – The more you talk before sleeping, the more thoughts the mind creates and the more active the brain becomes. So, talk less, talk sweetly and talk softly before sleeping. Otherwise the thoughts of words spoken just before sleeping prevent you from switching off and going off to rest.

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