A relationship of trust with god in 5 easy steps

A Relationship Of Trust With God In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Realise God Is Our Supreme Parent And Constant Guardian – We need to realise very deeply that everything happening in our life – negative and positive is not happening because God has decided that. It is happening as a result of our every thought, word and action of many past births and the present birth. God is not responsible for everything happening in my life, but He is responsible for helping me in everything happening in my life.
  2. Take A Step Of Determination And God Will Offer A Thousand Steps Of Help – Even when you are in the worst phase of your life, with many negative events happening at the same time, remember God’s instruction to you that you will not lose hope and will remain determined and God will remember His promise to you that He will help many times more than you expect Him to and resolve every problem of yours at the right time and in the right way.
  3. Remember God Everyday To Build Trust With God – Every morning as soon as you get up, take love, blessings and power from God and for a few minutes remember Him and tell Him about your day ahead and about the challenges that you may face in the day. Begin the day full of strength. In the day, keep God with you in every important action and talk to Him constantly. In the night, before sleeping thank God for his help in the day and remember Him for a few minutes. Go to sleep in His lap full of confidence and carry the confidence into the next day.
  4. Make God Your Companion In Joy And Sorrow – In times of sorrow, we have remembered God many many times. In times of joy, we have forgotten Him many times. And then we say we love God very much. But if we really love God, its time to keep Him with us in times of sorrow and joy both. The more we do that, the more He will love us back and the more we will feel that He is with us always and as a result we will trust Him more and more.
  5. Perform Beautiful Actions And Experience Help From God – Check every thought, word and action of yours and fill it with all beautiful qualities which God and everyone in your life loves. This will bring you closer to God and He will constantly protect you in every sphere of life. You will never feel that God is not there for you and life will become a joyride and you will have immense trust in Him.

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