Overcoming worry about what others think of you (part 2)

Overcoming Worry About What Others Think Of You (Part 2)

  1. Focus On Creating Positive Thoughts And A Positive Destiny A very important dimension of spiritual wisdom is shaping your positive destiny, which means creating a life which is full of inner and outer attainments of all types. When we change our thoughts and make them positive, powerful and based on beautiful qualities and spiritual wisdom, our destiny changes. A soul who has understood this purpose of life is always focused on the self and believes in doing each and everything the entire day correctly and as God guides, so that this purpose is achieved. Such an enlightened soul does not at all focus on what people are saying and thinking about them and considers it a waste of time and thought energy.
  2. Satisfy Everyone And Leave The Burden Of Your Relationships To God – As you walk the path of life, a very important aspect is to be content and make everyone content through your positive character and lifestyle. At the same time, we know that some of the people we interact with do not get satisfied as much as we expect or desire. This is because of their sanskaras, thought patterns and also because sometimes we lack perfection although we maybe having many qualities. This also happens because we have negative karmic accounts of this birth or some past births with some souls, who do not like us and may not respect us because of that. In all these cases, we should leave the burden of their negative and unnecessary thoughts which they have about us, to God. The more we do that, the more we remain positive and God also helps us in different ways in satisfying them.
  3. Involve Yourself In Serving Others And Taking Everyone’s Blessings – Keeping busy in serving is very important when you interact with a lot of people. This is because everyone is in need of God’s wisdom, qualities and powers. Instead of expecting people to think nice about you and worrying about that, we can serve them constantly through our thoughts, words, actions and vibrations with what we have imbibed from God. In this way we are always giving and when we do that, we forget what everyone’s mind is carrying about us and also look at everyone the way God looks at them – in an unbiased and loveful manner.

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