5th March – Soul Sustenance

Time Cannot Heal

Whenever we are struck with grief, pain, separation, failure or any disappointment, people often tell us – Time heals all wounds. But this is not true. Time is an external entity, our feelings are internal to us. Time is an external entity, it can’t enter our mind and change our feelings. Why we heal is because, as time passes, we take knowledge, reflect on what happened, talk to other people, understand life’s ways, become emotionally stronger and finally accept what happened. Only we can heal ourselves, not time.

Take this moment to teach your mind to take personal responsibility of healing emotional wounds, and not waiting for time to heal. Repeat this affirmation everyday to release all the pain and discomfort you are holding onto. You will learn to face an uncomfortable emotion and find a tool of knowledge to heal it immediately. This makes you resilient.

Affirmation –

I am a powerful being. I have a beautiful relationship with my mind…I keep it happy and stable in every situation. I look at how I’m feeling today…if there is any pain of the past… any loss…failure…grief… any unfulfilled desire… that I had experienced… because of which my mind is not peaceful or happy….I know some people have been unfair to me …situations have been challenging… but I do not wait for time to heal me of past hurt … time cannot heal…I choose when to heal myself….I decide to heal now…with understanding…No one can hurt me…people will behave as per their perspective. Situations were as they were meant to be. I created the hurt… It was my past karmic account … I had written that scene in my destiny when I did that karma … it’s over. I forgive myself for what for the hurt I created … its over … it’s over. I am the master of my emotions… I’m a master who chooses always… I choose who and what stays on my mind…my every feeling in every situation. I go beyond the hurt that I had created in the past…from today it’s a new karmic account…of peace and happiness.