6th March – Soul Sustenance

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

We know the value of being self-aware and having a clear idea of our strengths and weaknesses. It helps understand how we relate with the world, why we behave in certain ways, and what aspects of our personality need changes. But often, we struggle to identify our own strengths and weaknesses, but can quickly point out positives and negatives in the people we are close to, people we hardly know, or even the people we dislike.

  1. In a world that is quick to judge and analyze other people, how often do we do the little exercise of checking our own personal strengths and weaknesses? Do you know your qualities? Have you experimented how it gives you an idea of how to improve yourself?

  2. We don’t spend enough time looking at ourselves. Today, listing 5 of our own strengths and weaknesses takes us longer, but we instantly state those of family members or friends. Knowing others or wanting them to change is of no use, they are not in our control. The only person we can change is ourselves.

  3. Spend 5 minutes every morning with yourself. Reflect on your thoughts and behaviors that feel comfortable, radiate right energy and bring right results. Those are your strengths. Nurture that quality. On the contrary, any vibration that feels uncomfortable is a weakness. You can work on overcoming it.

  4. Developing a beautiful relationship with the self and knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you improve constantly. Remind yourself – I know myself. I use my beautiful qualities always and with everyone. I’m aware of my weaknesses and am ready to change.