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5 Ways To Experience Peace In A Busy World

  1. Experience Yourself As A Peaceful Soul And Talk To Yourself Everyday – As soon as you get up from sleep in the morning, visualize yourself as a beautiful spiritual light of peace at the centre of your forehead and feel that you are radiating beautiful vibrations of peace all around yourself, in your home and to everyone around.
  2. Carry Spiritual Wisdom To Read Anywhere You Go – Keep a book or some other source of spiritual wisdom on your phone or computer anywhere you go. Read or listen whenever you feel that your mind is stressed and creating too many thoughts. Positive input of wisdom full of qualities and powers will touch your thoughts and make them peaceful and free you from the influence of any person or situation.
  3. Experience Mind Traffic Control Every Hour For One Minute – Experience peace for one minute every hour, in the middle of anything you are busy in doing. Create few positive thoughts of peace in this one minute. This slows down the mind and you are active in the next 59 minutes but your mind is concentrated with lesser and only important thoughts.
  4. See Everyone As A Peaceful Soul And Radiate Vibrations Of Peace To Them – Everyday as you meet family members and friends, keep your vision on each soul as a peaceful energy performing actions through its body. This practice will radiate peace to them and they will feel connected to God – the Ocean of Peace. And you will also experience peace.
  5. Keep A Peaceful Environment At Home And At Work – Always have few things in any room you spend time in. Don’t have anything scattered around. Make sure every object carries a vibration of peace in it. Outer peace helps in inner peace and inner peace helps in creating outer peace. Regular meditation in your home and office helps in this.

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