8th April – Soul Sustenance

United We Stand, Divided We Fall (Part 3)

4. The world today needs correct guidance to make their actions beautiful, peaceful and loveful. Sometimes, we see people around us, performing negative actions and we realize that if they had a guiding light in their lives, someone who could be like a parent and explain to them what is right and what is wrong, they would not talk, act and even think in this way. Such a guiding light would be someone who has the divine wisdom of the law of karma and also one who understood what are positive actions and what are negative actions, which is none other than God. God is the only one to whom each and every individual in the world would listen to. Unity in the world will happen very easily if people imbibed God’s wisdom in their minds and hearts. Wisdom will bring a spiritual maturity. Actually negative actions and not loving each other, is a sign of immaturity at the level of the consciousness.

5. The most important foundation of unity is co-operation. Co-operation amongst people is today lacking because the energy of competing and comparing has increased in families as well as workplaces and also friend circles. When people try to overtake others in every sphere of life, then distance between hearts increases. Also, feelings of jealousy, hatred and ego are being filled in every relationship because of this. These feelings need to be replaced with feelings of love and good wishes for each other and also happiness in seeing each other progress in life. Co-operation also means being with each other not only in their moments of joy but also in their moments of sorrow and giving each other the hand of your support. When individuals as well as groups of individuals, become friends at every step and build bridges of co-operation, the river of unity will flow in the world.

Pic Courtesy : timsa from Getty Images Signature