Realizing why god is not omnipresent or sarvvyapi (part 1)

Realizing Why God Is Not Omnipresent Or Sarvvyapi (Part 1)

A very common concept in the world that many people believe in is that God is present in each and everyone and in each and every living being and everywhere else. This concept is what is meant by God is omnipresent or present everywhere. In Hindi, it is mentioned as God is sarvvyapi. In this message, we will look at 5 reasons why this is not true –

  1. God Is A Spiritual Father Of All Souls And Is Not Present In Every Child Or Human Being – We understand from spiritual wisdom shared by God that each one of us is a spiritual energy or soul and the world has a large number of human souls playing their roles through different physical bodies. We also know that God is a spiritual energy and a soul like us, but a Supreme Soul with greater powers than us. So, we are all brother souls and that is why we commonly say – We belong to different religions and countries, but we are all brothers. Since we are all souls, we all have our own identity. We all feel God’s presence in the world and His love in our hearts because the entire world, including us, remembers Him very much. But that does not mean that God is Himself inside us and in every human being. God is our Spiritual Father and lives in the soul world, which exists beyond the physical Universe and the world of five physical elements. He does not live in the physical world but He radiates His vibrations to the physical world and gives different attainments to human souls.
  2. If God Was Inside Us, We Would All Be The Same In All Ways – We also know from spiritual wisdom that each and every human soul has a unique mind and intellect and unique sanskars of its own. Also, God has His own mind, intellect and sanskars. If God was inside all of us, our mind, intellect and sanskars would not be different. But we all think in our minds differently, judge and visualize through our intellect differently and have our own different sanskars. That means that God is a separate identity and is not thinking, speaking and performing actions through all of us. He only guides us how to think, speak and perform actions. We all follow His instructions differently depending on the quality of our mind, intellect and sanskars.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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