8th March – Soul Sustenance

Overcoming Self-Doubt And Insecurities

The one emotion that depletes our happiness and leaves us feeling desperate, is insecurity. Being insecure about ourselves, our relationships, health, finances or careers can damage every aspect of our lifestyle. We need to realize our potential and see ourselves as who we truly are, to shed all our real and imaginary insecurities. As you become sure of yourself at every step, you will experience happiness and health. You will stop making back-references to past failures or flaws, and look forward to creating a destiny of your choice.

Has there been something you felt insecure about – maybe your health, relationship, career, finances or life itself? Does your mind feel threatened from time to time with self-doubts? Is there a belief of not being good enough? Insecurity seems to have gripped most of us today, and we are often not even sure what makes us feel it. The source is mostly the negative information we consume from our environment or media. When we feel insecure about something, we are unable to fully trust ourselves, other people or situations. Let us not allow our mind to continue negative conversations over a prolonged period, because then insecurity becomes our personality. Insecurity is caused by our wrong thoughts of fear, doubt or anxiety. We can finish it by being confident, created by thoughts of optimism, self-belief and positivity. Consciously engage your mind in pure, positive inner talk. Surround yourself with positive, optimistic energy. Remind yourself everyday – I feel safe and secure. My life is perfect. I always have everything that I need.