Realizing why god is not omnipresent or sarvvyapi (part 2)

Realizing Why God Is Not Omnipresent Or Sarvvyapi (Part 2)

  1. If God Was Omnipresent, There Would Be Complete Happiness In The World, Which Is Not True – God is an Ocean of goodness and divinity, which He radiates constantly. If everyone in the world had God inside their hearts, and God lived in physical nature everywhere in the world, all human beings would perform only good actions and there would be no sins, vices and bad habits in the world. Everyone would live in harmony and there would be complete goodwill amongst people because they would all be God like. Also, physical nature would be completely free from any sort of disturbances and calamities because God would be in every particle. But all of this is not true.
  2. If God Was In Our Hearts We Would Not Search For Him And Call Out To Him For Peace, Love, Joy and Power – We have called out to God since thousands of years and we have searched for Him outside ourselves and looked upto Him for His sustenance of peace, love, joy and power. Also, whenever we have called out to Him, we have often looked upwards to the sky. If God stayed inside all of us, we would not do that. We feel God’s wisdom, qualities and powers inside us and also talk to Him in our consciousness. When we do that, we feel His closeness, but that does not mean He is in every human being in the world and in every animal, bird and insect as well as everywhere else in the world.
  3. God Is A Supreme Giver. If He Was In Every Human Being He Will No Longer Be That – God is a Supreme Ocean of all qualities and powers and He is a constant giver of these qualities and powers to humanity and the entire Universe. If He was in every human being, He would also come in the process of action and reaction and karma and its fruit. Also, He would no longer be a giver and would become One who expects and desires like human beings. Also, if God was in every human being, He would come under the influence of the physical elements of nature, which He does not ever.

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