Achieving healthy work-life balance

December 26, 2023

Achieving Healthy Work-Life Balance


Life being fluid, there’s a need for us to shuffle responsibilities and distribute attention between all the aspects of life that support us. But do you find yourself heavily tilted towards one area alone? Maybe drowning in work due to stiff targets, neglecting self and family? Or an issue at home leaving you restless and under-performing at work? Achieving work-life balance is a matter of prioritizing and sticking to it, no matter what. Focusing on the task on hand and strictly unplugging from everything else leaves us with so much more time and energy than we need. Let’s prioritize self first, family next and work thereafter. Allocating time to nourish the mind and exercising body helps us experience happy vibrations with family. We can then step into our workplace with enthusiasm. And when we are happy at work, going back home happy becomes easy. In short, let’s do what is needed and switch off. No office calls when with family, no distractions when eating, no compromise on sleep timings. This discipline brings a healthy balance in life. Remind yourself, I have the art of balancing personal life and family time, work and friendships.

The art of balancing different aspects of life needs a little practice and persistence. It also needs a fierce determination to never totally give up on one of them when the other seems a priority. We say – This quarter my projects have very demanding targets, so all my attention has to be on work. This means for 3 months – for 90 days – we carry an energy of hurry, anxiety and turbulence. We may not also focus enough on health, family time or social life. And then after 3 months, chances are that projects in the subsequent quarter are also equally challenging, if not more. So, this creates an imbalance, with time and energy heavily tilted towards career. It’s critical to prioritize, but let’s make sure every aspect of life gets equal attention.

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