Be happy when others do well

July 2, 2024

Be Happy When Others Do Well

When we think or talk about someone’s weaknesses or failures, we tend to go on and on. But if we speak about their strengths or success, we state them in a single sentence. In today’s digitized world, many people take to social media to share some good news or accomplishments. How often do we feel happy for them? 

  1. Questioning someone’s success or being jealous of them depletes our energy. Check for yourself – if you are not appreciated but others are appreciated, if someone else does better than you – are you happy for them or jealous?
  2. If you experience any negative feeling when people do well, it is a sign of insecurity which arises from a wrong belief that the one who does well is superior. Achievement does not make someone else a better person than you. Success is a result of their efforts, sincerity and qualities. They did it, you can do it too.
  3. Empower yourself daily with meditation to elevate your thinking. In a world where competition and jealousy are seen as natural, create an energy of co-operation and appreciation and radiate blessings to everyone. Share what you know with others. Learn from what others know.
  4. Appreciate their efforts and celebrate their success as if it were your own. Bless them that they continue doing very well. Life will eventually reward you with immense success you had not even imagined.

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