Beautiful intentions create good karma

April 7, 2024

Beautiful Intentions Create Good Karma

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Karma is energy of thoughts, words and actions. When we evaluate our self we do it at the level of words and actions. We take care that we have spoken the perfect words in the perfect manner and behaved in the perfect way, but we do not check whether we created perfect thoughts. Most of us have mastered the art of thinking and feeling negative, and yet speaking very sweetly. We always thought people can’t see what we are thinking. For e.g. We can say to someone that it was wonderful meeting them and actually feel that it was the most boring evening. We can insist on guests to stay for dinner and actually be waiting for them to leave. We thought it was good karma because we spoke and behaved right. We create about 25 to 30 thoughts per minute and speak about 4 to 5 lines per minute. When we look at the flow of energy, we have sent out 25 negative arrows as thought energy and 5 positive arrows as word energy. Karma is the thought or the intention behind the word and the act. People can say the sweetest words and yet hurt us with their negative energy. There are people whose words may not be very perfect, but their energy is full of love and compassion. Our relationships and our karmic accounts with other souls are based on the foundation of how we think and feel. 

Let us check whether we are able to speak what is on our mind. Instead of converting negative thoughts to perfect words, first convert negative thoughts to perfect thoughts and then speak out our thoughts. Then our thoughts, words and actions will convey the same message. Thoughts, words and actions will be in harmony. Whatever may be the act – a gift being given, help being offered, charity being done, appreciating others, let us check the intention behind the act. If the intention is to please others, or to get fame and appreciation, then it is an impure intention behind a pure act.

So let us clean our thoughts and feelings, so that before our words, its our perfect energy which reaches other.

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