Becoming a perfect angel in 5 easy steps (part 2)

March 2, 2024

Becoming A Perfect Angel In 5 Easy Steps (Part 2)

  1. Remember God Is Watching You – The best way to start becoming perfect is to know and remember that our spiritual parent, the soul’s Father and Mother is watching us and always wants us to imbibe positive qualities. This is what even any physical parent would want from his or her child. The child should become beautiful within and not just on the outside in terms of looks and personality. Also, as a teacher, God is watching us. He wants us to excel in different ways, as someone who gives respect and gets respect, who makes others content and others are also content with and also as someone who radiates goodness to others, in every sphere of life. Thirdly, as a Guide, God is watching us and wants to be a perfect example of the right way of living. Others should get inspired by how we lead our lives. As a friend, God wants us to hold His hand and show the world how true Godly companionship is the need of the hour. It is the key to remaining light and blissful, when surrounded by life’s pressures of the physical body, wealth, role and relationships.
  2. Remind Yourself You Are On The World Stage – We are all actors of the world and our every act is like a performance in the eyes of the world. Remember even every thought and feeling of yours is constantly being felt and perceived by people around you. It’s as if you are on a stage and just like you notice everything that others do, others are also doing the same. When we remain in this actor consciousness, we will see our every action with greater respect and responsibility and not be careless in the way we present ourselves to people. Also, the slogan that – What we do, others will also see and do the same – will become a positive reality in our lives.

                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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