Distractions cannot heal

January 29, 2024

Distractions Cannot Heal


All of us go through moments of physical or emotional pain – disappointments, illnesses, relationship issues, failures, fears, stress or grief. We need to begin the healing process at the first trace of pain. But instead, we often shy away from the problem by diverting our mind with distractions like TV, shopping, chatting, games, smoking or anything else. Our pain needs healing, not diversion. Wounds don’t subside with distractions, they get deeper when left unattended.

When your mind is disturbed, do you distract it, in the name of de-stressors? Or do you spend time talking to yourself, finding out what is troubling you, comforting the mind and healing the pain? At times, do you rely on other people or on time to heal emotional wounds? When feeling low, we often try to escape the emotional wound by distracting the mind towards shopping, television, holiday or addictions. The mind might not feel the pain, but the pain is still present. And as time passes, it can only get deeper because instead of healing it, we chose to temporarily relieve it. Our wounds of stress, anger or hurt are a result of our wrong thoughts. Spending time with ourselves and creating right thoughts now can heal the wound. Let us not use distractions, or depend on other people, or leave it to time. No-one else can either hurt us or heal us. Face your emotions, find the tool of knowledge and heal it. Remind yourself – I am a healer. No distraction can heal my wound. I heal myself with love and care. I face my emotions. I don’t try to escape it by distracting my mind.

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