Don’t label yourself negatively

September 23, 2023

Don’t Label Yourself Negatively

Like people see us through the filter of their personality and perceptions, we also see ourselves through certain labels that we put on the self. If we attach negative labels such as I am lazy, I am careless, it becomes a part of our identity and a belief. Our vibrations create our reality and intensify that behaviour in us. Do you choose to label yourself about who you are – or who you are not – based on your appearance, background, personality or achievements? Do you see yourself through the labels that other people define you with? Can you pause and check how many labels are negative? The labels assigned on you add up to different dimensions of your personality, your identity. This means if we label ourselves negatively, our mind and body will respond and live by that negative label. Repeating them make them like an affirmation, reiterate those words, radiate those vibrations and the chances of them becoming our reality increases. Our labels create our destiny.

Let us replace every single negative label we have on ourselves, with a pure, powerful, positive label. Let us make them our vocabulary, repeat them consistently for a few days, until those positive labels become your identity. To create the reality you want, begin with assigning only positive self-labels. Remind yourself – I label myself only and only with positive words. I remain aware that my labels manifest my destiny. When you repeatedly think and speak only of positive labels, you create that only quality of vibrations and radiate them to your mind, body and the universe. Your each and every vibration influences your reality. So those labels start becoming your reality.

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