How does god purify the world (part 2)?

July 10, 2024

How Does God Purify The World (Part 2)?

God is the One who is beyond change and remains constant in His purity, qualities and powers. As revealed by God through His spiritual wisdom, the World Drama of 5000 years on Earth goes through four equal phases – the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and the Iron Age, of 1250 years each. The first two phases are ones in which all human souls and souls of other species are completely pure and happy and there is 100% harmony in the world. Even nature is completely peaceful and pure. In the beginning of the third phase or Copper Age, after a journey of a few births, starting from the Golden Age, the spiritual power of human souls reduces slightly. Because of that, they start coming under the influence of body consciousness and the five vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and start becoming impure. Also, souls of other species, because of a reduction in their own spiritual power and also because they get influenced by the negative vibrations of human souls, they start becoming impure and start coming under the influence of the five vices. This process creates a negative environment in nature and its spiritual vibrations also start becoming negative and impure. As we come to the end of the fourth phase or the Iron Age, which is the present time, the impurity in all three reaches its maximum. Since God is above all three and at the top of the hierarchy, He fulfills His responsibility of making all three pure at this time, which is the Confluence Age or the Age of World Transformation between the Iron Age and Golden Age. After the Confluence Age, the Golden Age begins again and the World Drama of 5000 years repeats again. 

How does God purify human souls, souls of different species and nature at the present time, which is the Confluence Age in the World Drama? The first step is that God shares spiritual wisdom with human souls about Himself, souls and their births and the World Drama of 5000 years and its repetition. He teaches them how to become soul conscious and connect with Him and remember Him in the soul world, which exists beyond the physical Universe, through the process of meditation. Also, He teaches human souls how to imbibe divine qualities like purity, humility, tolerance and contentment and how to serve other human souls and the world with the wisdom, qualities and powers which they have received from God. All these four aspects i.e. wisdom, meditation, imbibing of divine qualities and spiritual service help in purifying human souls and making them soul conscious and they also help in purifying the world. 

                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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