How does god purify the world (part 3)?

July 11, 2024

How Does God Purify The World (Part 3)?

As we have discussed in yesterday’s message, that all the souls of the world perform many negative and impure actions in the Copper Age and Iron Age. As a result, sanskars of negativity and impurity have got created in every soul of the world in these last two phases of the World Drama. Also, the soul world is the original home of all human souls, from where they have come in this physical world to play their roles through different physical bodies in different births. All human souls were completely pure in their original stage when they were in the soul world and when they began their roles in the physical world. Now, at the end of the Iron Age, it’s time for all human souls to purify themselves completely and then return back to the soul world. This will happen through two ways – 1. through their connection with God and the four aspects discussed in yesterday’s message – spiritual wisdom, meditation, imbibing of divine qualities and spiritual service. 2. And also, by settling some of their past negative actions by facing different types of negative situations and their effects, like illnesses, natural calamities, climate change and global warming, financial problems, conflicts in different types of relationships, conflicts between countries and between different sections of society, criminal activities, and others, which are increasing in the world everyday in people’s lives and on a global level.

After this process of complete purification takes place, there will come a time, when all the human souls of the world, will start returning back to the soul world. Also, souls of other species will get purified by going through different types of negative situations. They will also get influenced by the pure vibrations of human souls. They will not connect with God or understand His wisdom. As a result of the purification of human souls and souls of other species, complete physical nature will also get purified, because it will receive their pure vibrations. After this return of human souls to the soul world, they will stay over there in silence for some time and then after rest in that world, they will come down on Earth at different times to play their roles, depending on how pure they are. The purer souls will come down on Earth earlier. The two phases of purity will take place on Earth again and then the two phases of negativity and impurity will take place after that once more. This is how the World Drama of 5000 years will repeat itself. In this entire process, which is eternal, God is always constant in His spiritual stage and purifies the world, whenever it becomes impure. This happens again and again and is an eternal process, just like the World Drama is eternal.

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