Let’s heal the world with our blessings (part 2)

April 4, 2024

Let’s Heal The World With Our Blessings (Part 2)


The world is in need of blessings of peace, love and joy from each and every individual of the world. Blessings are positive mental vibrations or the energy of positive thought transmitted by the mind in favour of a particular cause. Such energy brings benefit to a person or group of persons located anywhere in the world. 

Sit in silence and switch on the button of a positive consciousness for a few minutes everyday. That means create positive thoughts like –

1. I am a peaceful being of light at the centre of the forehead, a peaceful soul …. I spread the rays of peace to the people of the world …. I experience the world globe in front of me and I radiate peace to the complete planet and all those who live on it …. 

2. I am a soul responsible for world service …. I am a very powerful soul and give power to the people of the world …. I hold the responsibility of giving spiritual sustenance to its people in these times of sorrow ….

3. I am a soul full of love; I radiate loveful good wishes to the world and nature …. I am a soul full of joy; I have an inner desire that the world becomes free of pain and sorrow, which I am fulfilling with my good wishes ….

4. I am a source of spiritual power and I provide relief to the world from the difficulties they face through my thoughts full of strength and support ….

5. I am an angel of God who radiates the light of peace and love; I give an experience of peace and love to my brothers and sisters all over the world, my spiritual family ….

6. I am a world server …. I am connected with the Ocean of Bliss, the Supreme Being …. I absorb His bliss inside me and donate to the complete world ….

                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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